Code of the samurai

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Aprašymas: This game is quite similar to Prince of Persia. You have to kill your enemies and get new weapons through the game levels. Use arrow keys to move around, press space bar to attack. Be careful and have fun!

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The Morning After - Use the mouse to look around the scene, read the text that pops up in the top bar as it contains clues and descriptions of objects. Left-click to pick up objects. Left-click the “I” to open your inventory. In some rooms there will be a character picture in the top left corner. Click to bring up their biography and any TASKS they want you to complete for them. If you complete the TASKS for them they will reward you with keys allowing you to open up new parts of the house. The object of the game is to find the front door key so you can escape and stagger home. There are also mini-games which have their own How to play rules so please read them carefully. The Morning After
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