Rescue Under Fire

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Žymės: 3D Armijos Lėktuvai Rekomenduojami Šaudymas Simuliatorius Taktika Terorizmas Veiksmo Žaidimai

Aprašymas: A top-down action chopper simulator with great graphics and challenging missions. Choose one of three available choppers with different specs, weapons and abilities, and fly through dangerous rescue missions under enemy fire! See first-time instructions how to play this game.

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Plasmanout v2 - Click with mouse on your fighter to start the battle. Move the ship with your mouse cursor and hit the left mouse key to fire deadly impulse shots towards the rushing aliens. Don’t let them hit you with their energy drops. Each time you have been hit by an alien your shield will take damage. The shield fails after 3 impacts and leaves the ship vulnerable to any hit which means certain death. The shield can be regenerated by collection power-ups. Plasmanout v2
  • Dabartinis reitingas 2.73/5

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