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  • Bums rush - You are out of work, money and homeless. Your only chance to earn some cash is to get the change dropped in the road. Avoid the traffic and don't get caught by cops. Use arrow keys to move around. Bums rush
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.72/5
    Peržiūros: 78853
  • Wakeboarding XS - Choose your player. Strap on your board and score as many point as you can by combining a perfect line. Maximum power and the biggest air combo trick over the wake and obstacles in your way. Make sure you complete your trick before you hit the water. Wakeboarding XS
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.56/5
    Peržiūros: 87803
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    • Dabartinis reitingas 5.00/5
    Peržiūros: 2018
  • Daffys studio adventure - Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. The ACME prop machine has gone haywire, so watch out and don’t stay still for too long or the stage weights might fall on you! Earn points and boost your bonus timer by collecting the clock along the way. Daffys studio adventure
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.53/5
    Peržiūros: 87913
  • Trapshoot - In this ranch everybody enjoys to shoot - and it doesn't matter, whether the targets are pigeons, chicken or empty beer cans. First press space bar to pull, then click to shoot one of the beings or objects. Your bullets amount is limited, so try to be accurate. Trapshoot
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.56/5
    Peržiūros: 68915
  • Da club - Each hired and upgrades increase reputation. Visitors number based on reputation. Hired staff is cheap but its duration is very short. Punk may come daily, and will decrease visitors and incomes. You can rid him by hiring a bouncer. You can loan money if you need. If your money is minus you'll game over. Just Click Left Mouse Button for game actions. Da club
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.21/5
    Peržiūros: 112475
  • Cat-a-pult - Use the mouse to guide the catapult left an right. Click and hold the left mouse button to increase the catapult power. Let go of the lmb to fire. Hit the stray cats through the holes in the gladiator wall. This game is not suitable for people under the age of 18 or cat lovers! Cat-a-pult
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.66/5
    Peržiūros: 78432
  • Animal hunter - In this game you have to kill animals using your bow before they run or fly too far away from you. Use arrow keys to move around and to aim. Press and hold space bar to adjust the power of the shot, release the key to shoot. Animal hunter
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.17/5
    Peržiūros: 96248
  • Toms trap-o-matic - You are Tom the cat from "Tom&Jerry" animation series. You have to catch your oldest foe - Jerry the mouse - because he had been constantly stealing your favorite cheese! Use and combine different available traps. Toms trap-o-matic
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.23/5
    Peržiūros: 84017
  • HTF - Gogo Toothy - Gogo Thooty is a small game in which you have to get the fallen Toothy back to the origin as fast as possible. Toothy will climb when you click on his belly. Attention: If you miss, Toothy will fall again! Ouch! HTF - Gogo Toothy
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.46/5
    Peržiūros: 98843
  • Fish hunter 2 - A primitive man is hunting for fishes with his spear. It is really hard, because he has to do his work fast and accurate. Help him to catch all tasty fishes, avoid the poisoned ones. Hit octopuses before they launch ink into the water. Fish hunter 2
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.00/5
    Peržiūros: 90435
  • Flash golf - The direction impact is determined by a position of a cursor of the mouse. The force of impact is determined by time of pressing on the left mouse button. The impact happens after release of the left mouse button. Flash golf
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.51/5
    Peržiūros: 72336
  • Peeball - You need to jump over the obstacles. Press the „Pee” button to jump. To ensure you have plenty of pee, keep drinking. Good luck! Peeball
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.67/5
    Peržiūros: 73648
  • Tir a l arc - In this game you have to shoot all targets. First move to the most comfortable place, then choose a shooting mark and press space bar. By the way, you also have quite aggressive and strong opponents that are trying to kill you, so you should shoot them, too. Tir a l arc
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.22/5
    Peržiūros: 98331
  • Animal maze - Put the piece which appears at random on the water surface. Complete a route, and pass an ape to the opposite shore. Use a mouse to control the game. Good luck! Animal maze
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.66/5
    Peržiūros: 84001
  • Cube world - Little cube finds himself in a dark dungeon full of ghosts, monsters and coffins. Use arrow keys to move around and try to find all the keys. Press space bar to use a key.  Try to avoid ghosts and monsters, because they steal your health. Cube world
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.69/5
    Peržiūros: 189195
  • Anacondas - Collect as many Orchid flowers you can before time expires. The faster you reach the Orchid flower the higher score you will get. Each level you will need to grab a additional Orchid to move on, be careful! As each level moves on a additional Anaconda will be trying to get you. Anacondas
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.82/5
    Peržiūros: 86334
  • Captain Capitalism Ep.2 - Little boy is saving his money for future college. Suddenly arrives captain Capitalism and explains him that he shouldn’t save his money. He would be a hero if he would spend his money for goods so he could save his country economics. Captain Capitalism Ep.2
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.04/5
    Peržiūros: 79276
  • Kanye-west - Kanye West is very angry in George Bush because he disrespects black people and he is living in a White house not Black house.  Also he doesn’t like Michael Jackson because he changed his skin color from black to white. Kanye-west
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.77/5
    Peržiūros: 76344
  • Crack man - In this Pacman version you are a Crackman that is escaping from jail and angry cops. When you find a gun you get a chance to kill one of the persecutors. Use arrow keys to control the game. Press P to pause, Q to quit the game. Crack man
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.94/5
    Peržiūros: 88819
  • Altex - Defend yourself by shooting the people that lean out of the windows and the doorway. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. The faster and more accurate you shoot, the more chances you have to stay alive. Good Luck! Altex
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.53/5
    Peržiūros: 86813
  • Dancing queen - Help this wonderful girl to become a Dancing Queen. You must press the arrow keys  when needed and never get out of time. It is better to select a Beginner mode at first, because the game is quite difficult to play. Dancing queen
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.78/5
    Peržiūros: 73803
  • Hapland 2 - This version of Hapland is even more challenging than the first one. The aim of this interactive game is to find a way to light up the torches using various, sometimes humorous tricks and bobs. Click on the various characters, objects and devices, cause events to happen and analyze them to make your next click. Hapland 2
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.42/5
    Peržiūros: 123400
  • Smoke kills - Parody about smoking caused disasters – 11th September in USA and Titanic drowning. Also in this story are involved Vladimir Putin and American pie hero. Arnold Schwarzenegger acting his most famous role in movie “Terminator”. Smoke kills
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.43/5
    Peržiūros: 98757
  • Rural racer - There are 8 laps. you have to finish each track as the winner to advance to the next level. Use arrow keys and Shift (turbo) to control your car. You can also play this game with a friend - then you should use W, A, S, D and "~" keys. To make your car go faster, you can hold turbo key. Below the speed indicator  you will see the status of the turbo energy - when you are out of energy, you'll have to wait while it refills. Rural racer
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.97/5
    Peržiūros: 87383
  • Ibsom - Run through holes, jump, duck.. :) Ibsom
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.35/5
    Peržiūros: 80070
  • On the moon Ep. 10 - Toaster king bought a new computer and he feels so excited about it. He got his first email but he was so disappointed when he noticed that email is sent by Insanity prawn boy. When he got second mail from Insanity prawn boy and was sad because it wasn’t so important mail. On the moon Ep. 10
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.85/5
    Peržiūros: 75467
  • Ask guru Joe - Ask Guru Joe questions about life, romance, business or anything else that can be answered with YES or NO. After entering your question, click ASK or press the enter button on your keyboard and Guru Joe will peer into his Ball of Mystics for an answer. But don't take it too serious - old Joe is not a professional :) Ask guru Joe
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.83/5
    Peržiūros: 93568
  • Dirty baby - Christina Aguilera – Dirty parody. Little baby is standing in his bed with dirty diapers. He is singing song about how he would be happy to get changed. This song is completely changed and sounds very funny. Dirty baby
    • Dabartinis reitingas 3.56/5
    Peržiūros: 105895
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    • Dabartinis reitingas 5.00/5
    Peržiūros: 2018
  • Penguin - In this game you must help a penguin and a bear to show perfect results in a baseball training by clicking on a penguin, dragging your mouse to select an angle and power an then releasing it. You are free to choose one of three available game modes. Penguin
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.68/5
    Peržiūros: 93517
  • Bowling - In this simple bowling game you do not even have to aim. In order to throw the ball push the "GO!" button. Keep it pressed until the yellow field at the aiming picture goes white. The closer the yellow field you you hit, the more you score. Bowling
    • Dabartinis reitingas 2.94/5
    Peržiūros: 86763
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